Furcation Events




Furcation is all about having fun and socialising with your friends, but In addition to the fun things to do in the local area, Furcation will also be offering on-site events, hosted by our Entertainments team. Our entertainments team run events during Furcation to make the most out of your time with us. Think of these as 'events inside the event'! We also don’t follow convention norms, we have gaps in our timetable so you can spend the time with your friends and so that our events don’t clash with each other.


We also have one golden rule for events at Furcation, which is “No fursuit, no problem!” Even if we advertise the title of an event as ‘fursuit’, absolutely ANYONE can join in. We are even making it bold this time, all of Furcation's events are open to all!


We are going to publish two timetables this year, because it's November and it will potentially be cold and dark pretty quickly! One will be a 'Good Weather' timetable. If we have sunny, or at least relatively dry weather, we will run this timetable. The other will be a 'Bad Weather' timetable. If we have a lot of wetness, we will run this timetable. These decisions will be made at Furcation itself, so keep an eye on social media and our information points, which will highlight the timetable used on the day.


We also have two event spaces. We have the clubhouse, which will house all the main events and we have the Dune House, which houses panels hosted by you, as well as some board game events. 


Check back as we get closer to Furcation and the timetables will be published here!