Pricing Information


Please be aware that we are currently awaiting full pricing information. Keep an eye on social media as we will let you know when pricing information is available.



Furcation's pricing structure is quite simple. Once you have confirmed which accommodation you have selected, how many people are staying with you, as well as any optional extras (which will be highlighted here), your final price will be available to you. We have had lots of questions in the past asking what the final price included, so hopefully, this guide will highlight what is included in your final price, as well as how it is broken down.


Included in your final price


Your Accommodation


The price of your accommodation is offered as a price for the entire unit, divided by the amount of people who are staying within it. For example, if we offer a 3 bedroom gold caravan for £150.00, the cost for 1 person would be £150.00. For two people to stay in there, it would be £75.00 each, three people would be £50.00 each and so on. (This is only an example and not representitive of the actual price of the mentioned accommodation). The more people that share with you, the less it will cost you in the end, so gather up your friends and spend your Furcation with them.


Please be advised that we may restrict some accommodation which is available for small groups, for example, it would make less sense to offer two people a three bedroom accommodation. This is so we can maximize space and to offer Furcation to as many people as possible.


Attendance Fee


Your attendance fee will be included in the final price. This is essentially your ticket to Furcation and will include your ID badge (or 'con-badge' as they are called). This badge is required to be involved in Furcation, to be allowed on the Furcation site, and to take part in the activities that have been planned. Your basic attendance fee will allow you to arrive on site after 4PM on Friday 6th November, and depart before 10AM on Monday 9th November, making sure you don't miss a single second of the main event.


Optional Extras


Be a sponsor!


If you would like to be a sponsor for Furcation, not only will you get a massive thank you, you will also have your badge name printed in our yearly convention book, as well as give you some additional goodies. These are being confirmed at the moment, but once they are confirmed, we will let you know via social media and on this page. Sponsors help us to offer bigger and better things during your stay at Furcation, so the more sponsors we get, the more things we can do to make your furry vacation the best we can.


Sponsor cost = £TBC



Early Arrival and Late Departure


We offer early arrival and late departure, as well as the standard dates.


If you choose early arrival, you can arrive on site after 4PM on Thursday 5th November instead of on Friday. This gives you a whole day to get settled in, socialise with your friends and soak up some relaxation before the main events start. We may even offer some clubhouse events for those that would like to party early.


If you choose late departure, you can depart before 10AM on Tuesday 10th November instead of on Monday. This gives you a day to recover and relax after the main event and enjoy some downtime in a slightly quieter environment. For those that still want to party hard, Furcation offers a 'dead dog dance' (name to be confirmed) and karaoke on Monday night, in case you still have some energy left and wish to use it.


You can choose to just have an early arrival, just have a late departure, or why not do both? Make the most of your time with Furcation!


Early Arrival cost = £TBC

Late Departure cost = £TBC

Both Early and Late cost = £TBC