Announcement by Jasper Foxx (Chairman)


Hey everyone.


In light of the recent situations, we thought we would give you an update on how COVID-19, or 'Coronavirus', will affect Furcation.


As with other conventions, we are awaiting advice from the Government on preventative steps to avoid further spread of the virus. We are also waiting on full clarity on the extent of these measures to see if it would affect us in any way.


For this reason, until further notice, we have decided that it is business as usual for Furcation, and we are still aiming to run Furcation 2020 mostly as scheduled, with a few changes.


We are going to delay our pre-registration opening for the time being. This is not only because of Coronavirus, but we have some bugs in the registration system that, thanks to your fantastic feedback last year, we want to iron out before we open the registration site to you. We are also using this delay to constantly review the situation, and we are aiming to re-visit the situation in late April or early May, to make further decisions on whether Furcation 2020 will still run this year.


As we run in November, we have some hope that restrictions laid out by the Government should not affect us. However, like our fellow conventions based worldwide, we are keeping a close eye on situations to see if they improve or worsen. We will always act within advice from the UK Government, as we want to provide a safe and healthy environment for you to enjoy Furcation.


We understand that this may not give you the confidence you were expecting to receive from Furcation regarding this year's event. However, we hope you understand that given the current scenario, you can see our position and we thank you for your patience while we await further clarity.


Please keep an eye on our social media, as well as this website, for further details regarding the effect that Coronavirus will have on Furcation 2020. We intend to keep you fully up-to-date as soon as we have any information. If you are concerned or have any other further questions regarding Furcation and the Coronavirus, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.



From myself, my vice Chairman Anthropuppy, and all of the Furcation staff, we thank you for your understanding and we hope that you all stay well and healthy during this health crisis.