On Site Amenities



As Furcation takes place at a holiday park, there are various amenities that are available for you to use. Of course, if you choose not to use them, it is totally up to you. This is your furry vacation after all!




On Site Shop


There is an on site shop which stocks all the essentials that you may need. We advise that you bring the essential items with you before you come to Furcation, but people do forget the odd one or two items... we've all been there! If this happens, you can pick them up here. The shop will be well stocked and is reasonably priced.





Chef's Corner


Chef's corner is the on-site cafe where you can stop off if you are too tired to cook after a long day, or if you want a hearty breakfast before the day's festivities. They have quite a broad menu of burgers, pizzas and other items. We have also requested that dietary requirements are catered for, such as gluten free and vegan options.





Swimming Pool


What holiday park wouldn't be complete without a swimming pool, and John Fowler's Holidays have promised us that it will be open for us again this year. Unlike the other parks that we have visited, this pool is indoor and heated, so even in November, it is a perfect place to chill with your friends. Please be advised though that NO FURSUITS are allowed in the pool complex, it is kind of obvious why we enforce this rule!







Sandy Glade boasts it's own mini-arcade, which is situated just past reception. They have some of the old arcade classics as well as some new games to enjoy. They even have ticket machines, which you can trade in the tickets you have won for prizes, just like at a seaside arcade(!).