This year, we are going to be raising money for our chosen charity. Since we are re-running the fun of last year, our charity this year will be Ferne Animal Sanctuary. As we are running a virtual event, there are multiple ways you can donate to the charity, or help out with the cause.


Just Giving Page


If you wish to donate to Ferne Animal Sanctuary, you can do that through our JustGiving page. We will be keeping an eye on the total raised and announcing it through the stream. We have placed a £1000 target on it... but we wanna raise much, much more than that!


Click here to access the Just Giving page and to donate!


Charity Auction


This year we are doing things a little differently with our charity auction. To make things as simple as possible the auctions will be listed via E-Bay and promoted on our social media and on our live streamed event.

The process is simple for anyone wanting to list an item.


  • Create a listing for an auction on E-Bay as normal.
  • Choose the option to give to charity and set the amount to 100%** choosing to donate to Ferne Animal Sanctuary.
  • Ensure the auction is due to run over the weekend of the 6th-8th November 2020 (finishing after 6pm on Sunday 8th) You can start or end any time within 5 days of the aforementioned weekend
  • E-mail the auction number/E-Bay link to [email protected] If you would like to be credited by name/company name please advise what name or company you would like us to use, or if you would prefer not to be promoted, then let us know.
  • We will promote the auction/item on our social media and on the live stream and push for as many bids as possible over the weekend.
  • Once the auction ends we will include the final sale price in the official charity total.
  • You take payment and arrange shipping as normal

E-Bay Automatically invoice for the payment to Ferne after the auction ends and payment has been received to allow easy transfer of funds and full paper trail if you need one for your own records

Please note that you will need to adhere to E-Bay’s standard policies and we would ask that nothing is listed that falls outside of the realms of “Family Friendly”.

**You can chose to donate a lower percentage to our charity, but in the interests of fairness we would not promote any listings that were below 100% nor would be counting the amount in the total donations.




If you have any other queries, or other ideas on how you would like to help raise money for our charity, e-mail us at [email protected]


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