As with every year at Furcation, we put the call out for dealers to be showcased. However, due to having a virtual convention this year, the way we are going to advertise it and show off dealers is slightly different... Okay, it's very different!


During the stream, we will be letting everybody know what our dealers will be selling via the main stream. We will also have a specific area in our Discord if you intend to get in touch with one of them. Some of our artists are also being showcased in our digital conbook, which is downloadable from the main page.


If you want to talk to one of the dealers, you can do so via the Discord server in our 'Dealers Den' section. The dealers we have this year are as follows


Sneaky Paws Fursuit Sneakers
Galaxy Creations Assorted Fursuit Parts
BluepatchTheDog Digital Art / Clay sculptures
LockianArts Prints, Stickers, Magnets, Commissions
MorbiusMonster Artwork
TacoTeko Varsity Jackets, Badges, Artwork
Kite Artwork
Cyndro Suits Fursuits / Parts / Props
Zeydaan Artwork
Traveling Pony Museum Squishy Mousepads, Textiles, Commissions, Fursuit Parts
MithFuril Commissions
Took's Art Corner Stickers, Keychains, Tails, Badges, Artwork
Reaperfox Pyrography (wood burnings), prints and merchandise
Stormy Pegasus Artwork Artwork and commisssions
Waffle Wishes Furry artwork on fabric
BaNoodle MLP based merch and commissions
What The Flux Commissions, badges, prints



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